Ayush Kumar On

The guy behind this blog

I'm Ayush Kumar and live in New Delhi, India. I'm 20 years old student, doing B. Tech in ECE from JIIT, Noida.

One thing that I am really passionate about is art and design - in all forms. And also because I am an introvert, I discovered that blogging was the medium I required to voice my opinions and share my knowledge with others. Almost 2 years back, I didn't even know what photoshop was. I was just happy making sketches on paper then. I these two years, I believe that I have gained enough to give something back to the community which gave me so much.
Its my belief that knowledge is power. And that is the reason why I am always ready to learn something new, everyday. Just want to try everything thats possible, atleast once in life.

I aim to be a professional artist and a graphic designer and have started exploring web designing too. My favorite styles of design are minimalism and good typography, so don't feel surprised if you see a lot of these on this blog! ;-)
P.S: I also love black and white art like anything!

The purpose of this blog

Is to keep the creative souls inspired enough and help in making this world a 'beautiful' place! :)

Thats why, I made this blog for showcasing and sharing everything related to art and design. You can expect all this on my blog:
  • Design related articles
  • Showcase of great design, art, photography and creatively designed websites
  • Design related freebies
  • Tools and apps for designers

So how is this blog different from other 'design blogs'?

Here, only things that pass my quality test are published. I promise to deliver only the best of inspiration and content available on the web. No crappy stuff to irritate you or fill your feed readers with crap. Though I do not expect everyone to have the same tastes as me, still I believe that there are many out there like me.. :)
And yes, most importantly, I'm still learning. I am no professional like those awesome people at Abduzeedo, Smashing Magazine, WebdesignerDepot etc. But in the process of learning, I have come across many things and techniques and know what exactly will help and where to find things, if you are just starting out. So, I guarantee you wont be any confusion as to what stuff might be the best and what is not. Even if you are not a beginner, I'm sure you will find the content on this blog inspiring and thought provoking enough.

    You can contact me here. Suggestions and feedback about this blog and its content is most welcome! Cheers :)