Ayush Kumar On Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Its time again for the 'Best of the month' on this blog. I know I am a bit late in publishing this now. Would have done it a bit earlier had I not been down with fever.. :-(

The month of August was full of activity and some very good articles were published by various blogs. Lets have a look at some of the best articles, wallpapers, websites and apps which I came to know about, last month.

Wallpaper of the month

Guardian Angel

Articles of the month

If You Were Not A Designer, What Would You Be?
How Limitations Improve Design
Design101: Utilizing Strong Alignments
Mastering Flickr: A Practical Guide
A Practical Guide to Designing With Faces
A Handy Guide to Image Resolutions in Print Design
Top Questions To Help Make Designs That Your Clients Will Love
Business Card Design Starter Kit: Showcase, Tutorials, Templates
It’s About the Design Not the Tools
Best Printing and Prepress Articles
Why designers should consider tolerating spec work
Ten Laws to Design By

Freebies of the month

80+ Useful PSD Templates For Web Designers
“Buddycons” – Vector Social Media Icons
30 New Free High-Quality Fonts
60 High Quality Free Tumblr Themes

Websites of the month

Vector Patterns - A website for free vector patterns

App(s) of the month

Since I have just too many apps to share with you, visit these links instead which contain many of my favourite apps:
45 Free Applications For Designers And Developers
20+ New Apps and Websites for Designers

So, this is it! I would really love to hear from you about the quality of the post or any kind of feedback/suggestions. Leave me a message on twitter @aharmonyofhues 


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