Ayush Kumar On Wednesday, June 9, 2010
Hello there! 
This blog is ready and finally up! :D
I know it took a lot of time, but its finally here! *party* I can feel my dreams coming true.. step by step. Below I explain why I made the blog the way it looks like.

The design

I am a big fan of minimalism. Therefore I chose this minimalistic template (well, I had to choose this one because the last one looked too plain). Also, the studies have shown that its easier to read black text on white rather than white on black. Hence the choice of background. The minimalism doesn't let the visitor's eyes stray anywhere except on the content, which is the most important thing on this blog. The font for the posts is helvetica, my favorite, for its oh-so-perfect finish. 

The 'logo'

This is the thing I spent 50% of my time on, just because I wanted perfection. After a lot of creations and rejections, I finally came up with this:

HoH header
I am happy about this one, though still not satisfied. Hey - I'm no logo designer (yet)!

What to expect on this blog:

Lots of great articles, inspiration, tips and freebies related to all kinds of art and design and more! Any kind of appreciation or criticism is welcome. It will only help me improve and learn. Also, why not read the 'About' page of this blog, while we're discussing this? :)


swati said...

This is well worth the wait!!

Ayush said...

Thank you! :)

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